• How is it the state puts management in place that has no experience in marine transportation. The Coast Guard does not provide transportation to the traveling public. Please find management (Engineering, general, etc.) that comes from the private sector.

  • My Family and I always rely on Ferry Transportation before anything else. We are constantly needing to bring Vehicles with us whenever we travel and that is a minimum of ten times a year. Most years it is more than that as we have many family gatherings that we attend in Juneau, Metlakatla, Sitka and Wrangell. I don't think that we would be able to travel as much as we do without the Ferry System. If I could track the miles that I have traveled via Ferry the way we track them with Alaska Airlines I can guarantee they would be more than ten times as much.

  • Having affordable travel in southeast Alaska is important to my whole family because of the family and cultural ties I have in each community. My daughter and her three sons live in Kake.

    My grandson are co-parented in Sitka and Kake. The summer ferry schedule does not allow for direct travel to Kake from Sitka. The grandsons will miss out for the second summer in a row the "Best Culture Camp in SE" (USFS) that has been in operation for 30 years.

    Sitka has been cutoff from all nearby communities for years. We can not travel directly to Angoon or Hoonah. Limited access to and from these communities cut cultural ties all year round.

    Traveling to Juneau is now limited. I think that having the limited travel in and out of Juneau means Juneau will have limited the industrial appeal for any more companies like Kmart, Walmart or any other business to think about starting a business that draws more southeast travelers in and out of Juneau which will diminish the southeast Alaska economy more. There will be no jobs developed and nobody spending money because the Alaska Marine Highway has cut off the roads that connect us.

    Please reconsider the ferry travel schedule to all communities as the main economic vein of our southeast communities. It is the historic and traditional way of our society.

  • The ferry is a vital source of transportation for us that live in Haines. Especially during the winter months, sometimes only the ferry is able to go in and out. I personally do not like to fly and prefer to take the ferry whenever possible.