Please review the Phase 4 overview and recap.

Southeast Conference is excited to partner with the State of Alaska to reform and revitalize the state’s ferry system. Governor Bill Walker signed the attached memorandum of understanding to formally recognize and kick off the project. “For over 50 years, the Alaska Marine Highway System has served as a critical transportation link for Alaska’s coastal communities,” said Governor Walker. “The ferries are a lifeline in many communities, and the economic benefits are felt throughout the state.”

The Conference was formed in 1958 with the goal of establishing the Alaska Marine Highway System, and today, the marine highway system extends across 3,500 miles of scenic coastline and provides service to over 30 communities. But due to many factors, and exacerbated by the state’s fiscal crisis, the Alaska Marine Highway System is at a critical juncture and at risk of failure. Once again, Southeast Conference is leading the effort to “re-create” the ferry system into an organization that can continue to provide vital transportation services to the many user groups and industries that rely on it daily.

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